Nature of Nature's Art is a series of graphic novels about basic animals that are trying to create a healthy society. (See the about page for more information.) The genre may be considered light fantasy or science fiction. Select the story you'd like to read using the drop-down menu at the top of the browser window. If you'd like, you may click the "in medias res" checkbox beneath the menu in order to jump right into the middle.

Animals have long been our cohabitants on this planet, but they have no structure in their lives apart from instinct. Homo sapiens sapiens has dominated the landscape thanks to its unsurpassed primacy in communication skills. But what forces fueled this engine?

It is the power of Art which the animals turn to in solving this problem. Ambitiously adopting the title of "man," they are determined to control Art and create a prosperous society for themselves. But Art is not easily understood, its powers dangerous and meaning fleeting. For to understand Art, the animals must peer into the depths of their own nature, and excise the animal itself, becoming human. Just how incredible is this feat?


It is the year 2495, and the human race has developed the next generation of computer. The "color computer" is a breakthrough in transistor technology due to its using "color bits" instead of binary bits to compute data. This opens up the possibility of computing across new dimensions. One month later, helming the reborn space shuttle Discovery into enterprising orbit, a small patent firm has begun testing a revolutionary device that uses color computing to communicate directly with space. Now, at the height of prosperity, life on Earth is looking at a new world of possibilities. Is this a chance to finally move up and out of our lowly terrestrial origin?

There's no chance to celebrate. Without warning, a mysterious alien presence coalesces from the black of space and announces that the entire population of Earth must evacuate the solar system. Our star, the Sun, has become a target for an inscrutable research. The testing team for the miraculous new device stands up to the order and, in retalliation, is teleported to Pluto and left to die.

That would have been the case, except, it turns out that Earth is not the only local civilization. A small team from each planet, each one apparently far more advanced than Earth, is now rallying in the name of the Sun to expel the extrasolar invaders. As the ship Discovery trails these alien natives towards the center of the solar system, it speeds towards survival at the expense of its occupants' new identity.

With every pulse of its weak-force engine, a bright future blurs, and "Discovery" may end up becoming more than a name for a shuttle.

Production: October 2011 - January 2016