December 22nd, 2017

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Syconium, page 237 by: Botany February 15, 2018, 10:53 pm

Correction: Have their own bodies used against themselves.

And, to elaborate on what I ended with.

I believe there could be nothing else more fitting and good, then for Fig to defeat Streaks without Power, as he and essentially understands Power.

I have have some things I tell myself, if they could make sense in this context,

That cowardly are the strong, and brave are the weak. That courage to withstand and overcome.

To let the waves dash themselves against the rocks, only to have the waves come and go, and those same rocks to remain.

Fig... Let the waves dash themselves against you. Let them come and falter.
Syconium, page 237 by: Botany February 15, 2018, 10:42 pm

And in that bid to reconcile, and to overcome, all that he was made to be, he has only become the very continuation.

Rest assured that he has power, now. When Power Has Him.

He has become ensnared in that horrible, godless trap of Might Making Right. Of Karma and what came around having to come back to undo itself.

That sheer stupidity, of believing in repetition solving itself if done for the right reasons. To repeating sin with the excuse that it's only happening to those that deserve it, as though anyone could ever deserve what happened to him. As though the very former lover he never wanted this to happen to could deserve it in her betrayal.

As if, if he can just make johns suffer along with prostitutes like he used to be, then he could rectify all that happened to him.

10 & 11 is right. He wants to ensnare customers into becoming sex workers. To make them suffer as he had and get a taste of what it's like to take it in the ass and mouth as he did. Have their own bodies used against him.

And Papeipou, right again. His understanding of art is like a dictator that only knows the power of art to manipulate.

Downhill, the Rationale, if anything, are going to turn a blind eye to this because again, they are a product of a victorian era way of thinking. Sex is bad. Sex consumes resources. Makes unproductive the society they are the stewards of. They were as much responsible for this brothel, and brothels like it, as Streaks deceased pimp Fig Trees was. They don't just want the prostitutes away from society, but the people that hire their services. If streaks is successful in this, the greater mass of society could very well just see this like the self-imposed hell that sinners brought upon themselves. So, if anything, instead of getting back at "Society" for what it did to Streaks, he will be doing Society a service.


...Streaks you god damned fool.

This... This is why I want so much for Fig to defeat Streaks with a defusion and deflection. To not overpower him, but to be the teacher she deserves to be and make him see just how much, with his own anniversary gift, how he has become the very fault in society that's made him into this ghoul and shell of himself.