August 14th, 2017

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Syconium, page 192 by: Mana August 15, 2017, 11:49 pm

Sometimes, I go back and reread scenes like that while thinking about new developments. It struck me that XX's assailant looked a lot like Fig, but wearing Battery's clothing, specifically choking out the 'pure' XX. The scene was also written in a way that lead me to believe it was a very warped dream. When the page was first released, it was impossible to know that, as we'd had no way to expect or process XX's dreams until it became more apparent they were happening.

I started to wonder if the dream was actually representing Fig starting to overrun all else now that she was in an environment where she had a lot more power/was encouraged as a 'primary' aspect to the point of imbalance... 'Battery' may represent Fig gaining a foothold through XX's first brothel client, regardless of the actual consensuality of XX's experience with Battery in reality.

The labyrinth doesn't care who you are. The clients don't care who you are. Everything about the place is 'performance' at all costs, so to survive, XX needed Fig. But at what cost to herself? Fig is not inherently bad, either, but she is still a creature of hunger, and a leashed concept too large for a single body, let alone to share one with someone else... "but you were too strong, too strong."

In dreams, we often take the events of a day or the past and turn them into something else. They can mean nothing, or many things. Friends can become enemies, and hidden aspects rise to the surface.